Interested in adopting a BaRCSE dog? Great, you will be helping to save the life of a basset hound. A successful adoption depends on the selection of the right dog for your household and your understanding of the responsibility taken when you adopt a rescued dog. Thus our adoption procedures have been designed to make sure all rescued bassets are placed in an appropriate, loving forever home, and to make sure all adopters find the right basset for their family. Prior to adoption, all dogs will be given all age appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, kennel cough, parvo and distemper, spaying/neutering, intestinal deworming, heartworm testing/treatment, microchipped, and monthly heartworm medication and flea prevention.

The adoption process is as follows:

1. Applicant completes an online application or prints an adoption application from the web site and emails to, mails to the PO Box or faxes to the fax number on the application. If submitting application online, via fax, or email, the $10 non-refundable adoption application donation can be mailed to the P.O. Box or sent via Paypal to

2. Upon adoption application receipt, the Adoption Director will interview the applicant by phone and will check their references. [Please note, if you submitted your application online or via email and your vet or other references request a signature before releasing information, the Adoption Committee will contact you to get a signature release.]

3. If the phone interview is satisfactory, a pre-adoption home visit will be scheduled by a BaRCSE member. To see what we look for in a home visit, download the home visit form (Word or pdf). (In cases of previous fosters or adopters, this will not be necessary unless a pre-adoption home visit has not been completed within five years or the family has moved).

4. If the home visit is satisfactory, Adoption Director will discuss the various available dogs with the potential adopters and provide them with the name and contact information of a basset’s foster family. At that point it is up to the foster family to decide when to schedule a meeting between the adoptive family and the basset. Foster family has input into placement of foster dog.

5. Once the potential adopters decide on a basset and when the basset is ready for adoption, their home trial with the basset can begin as soon as possible. Home trials are expected to begin as soon as transportation can be arranged.

6. When the basset arrives for home trial, adopters must sign the adoption agreement (Word or pdf) and pay the adoption donation. We request a $250 donation for basset puppies up to one year of age, $200 for bassets one to eight years of age, $100 for bassets eight to ten years of age, and $75 for bassets over ten years of age or special needs bassets.  On the occasion when we have mixed breed bassets due to the intake of a pregnant female, we request a $100 donation for puppies up to one year of age and $75 for dogs older than one year. No more than two dogs can be adopted by the same person at one time. In the case two bassets being adopted within a one year of each other, a multiple dog adoption donation discount of $50 will be given. The $50 discount will be deducted from the adoption donation amount at the time of the second’s dog adoption.

7. After a seven day home trial, if all goes well, the foster basset may be adopted by the adoptive family. If the foster dog is returned to BaRCSE within the home trial period, the adoption donation will be returned to the adopting family.

8. If an adopting family cannot keep their basset for any reason at any time after they have adopted their dog, the basset must be returned to BaRCSE and we will find another home for it. However, the adoption donation will not be returned to the adopting family any time after the seven day trial period.


We will adopt dogs outside of North or South Carolina if we can find someone qualified to do the home visit and any necessary follow up. Also the adopting home must agree to transport the dog back to North or South Carolina if the adopted dog needs to be returned.BaRCSE cannot guarantee that any dog is a pure bred basset hound, except in very rare instances when the dog was turned into a shelter with breeding papers. Any dog taken into BaRCSE is believed to be a pure bred basset hound based on physical appearance. In the case of puppies, please note we try to classify them properly, but puppies may change in appearance as they grow older.

Adoption Application:

Complete online or view as pdf.

Adoption Application Donation (non-refundable): $10